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Commercial Courts of District Judiciary

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Casecategory FullnameAvg DaysDisposal Total
Electricity Acts24013
Insolvency Petitions16945
Private Complaint33136
G&W Applications1691040
Criminal Preliminary Enquiry15244
Summary Executions29544
T.V./V.C.R./Radio/Telegraph Acts6631
3/4 Explosive act6364
Land Acquisition Applications6632
Criminal Petitions23564
Dissolution of Muslim Marriages Act, 1939802
Environmental Act811
Departmental Enquiry343
Special Cases (S.T.A)15329
Election Petitions62
Passport/Foriegn Act132119
Rent Cases476651
23 (I) A4011699
IIIrd Class Civil Suits265731
Hudood Trial208680
Habeas Corpus91123
Prohibition Ordinance (3/4)98349
Foreign Exchange Regulation Act6301
Civil Misc. Applications In Case13364
K.P.T./K.B.C.A. Acts1413
Civil Executions Appeal3552
Civil Misc. Applications16142
Pesticide Acts2193
Fishries Acts2121
13-D Arms Ordinance109633
Rent Executions316301
Illegal Dispossesion Act274485
Other CR/Sessions Cases (If Any)168384
Criminal Bail Application919758
Criminal Revisions67254
Special Cases Narcotics.2091913
Minor Acts / Offences327239
IInd Class Civil Suits44129
Civil Revisions224285
Prevention of Electronic crime Act, 201631515
Criminal Misc. Applications72017
Application u/s 516-A CrPc91004
Civil Transfer Applications44204
Sindh Arms ACT, 2013301398
Family Appeals217308
Civil Misc. Appeals22946
Gambling Act85348
Tenancy Application3523
Fertilizer Acts2544
Civil Petitions26717
K.M.C. Cases89112
Forest/Wild Life Acts14612
Railway/Cannt Acts3757
G&W Executions662
Darul Aman Acts03
Family Suits1637357
S.I.Temp Resident Act 201523210
Cancellation of Bail Appl.7355
Arbitration Appeals962
Criminal Trans. Applications9466
13-E Arms Ordinance33881
Murder Trial1241442
G&W Cases281445
Criminal Appeals210122
Trust Suits14278
Suit for Damages36511
G&W Appeals28668
Irrigation Acts22122
Bail Application in Cases51422
Judicial Misc. Applications13061
Trade Mark Suits2151
Other Family Cases (If Any)519
Speaker / Loud Speaker Acts14031
Criminal Misc. Applications in session cases8184
Foreigner Act13417
Special Laws1073
Weight & Measurement Acts032
Election Appeals452
Civil Appeals532877
Civil Executions477405
Direct Complaint179386
Defamation Suits35840
23 Arms Ordinance290141
Probation Ordinance1179
Police/FIA/Theft Acts70910
Mental Health14924
Sindh Child Marriage Restraint Act 20131455
Application u/s 491 CrPc5989
Special Bail Applications6375
Interlocutory Applications0209
Chapter Proceeding Acts1131
Mines Act353
Ist Class Civil Suits5164914
Summary Suits377307
Family Precept9542
Criminal Petition U/S 22-A1115572
Family Executions231655
First Rent Appeals (F.R.A.)264171
Other Civil Cases47011
Agricultural Act Cases2023
Misc. Rent Cases (M.R.C.)31103
Civil References3933
Criminal Enquires212
Market/Factory/Shop Act055
Criminal Reference62
13-A Arms Ordinance01